5kg Winter Pork Box
5kg Winter Pork Box
5kg Winter Pork Box
5kg Winter Pork Box

5kg Winter Pork Box

Richard Vaughan
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Winter is here, order some delicious meat which is easy to cook. We have put together a box of mixed Middle White pork for relaxed winter eating. The pictures show examples of the different cuts it contains (including both options for the belly).  The full contents are:


  • Pork roasting joint -Joint on the bone, Roast, 1.5kg
  • 8 Pork chops, Chops BBQ, grill or fry - 1.2kg
  • Pork belly joint, boned and rolled OR Strips - 1kg joint - BBQ, roast or grill, 
  • 4 packs of 6 sausages - BBQ, grill or fry, 1.3kg

The sausages, chops and belly (if you ask for it in strips), will all barbecue beautifully and the box also contains a roasting joint which will feed about five people. The joint is also delicious cold if you don’t eat it all in one sitting.

We are often asked to send boxes of meat as presents and this one would be a generous way to ease the lockdown for a friend or family member. The meat will be fine in a fridge for several days but will freeze well and will take up less than a drawer in an upright freezer. 



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