Wild & Game Meat Box 2
Wild & Game Meat Box
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Wild & Game Meat Box 2

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Low calorie meat that is both delicious and healthy. A simple seasoning or a marinade will create a wonderfully tender and succulent meal. Chock full of rich flavours and nutrients.

Doing the right thing is delicious.

Our advice when cooking, never overcook it! Timing is the key to successful game cooking. If you want a pigeon or pheasant breast salad - literally pan fry the breasts for a couple of minutes on either side and remember they carry on cooking when resting! An old wives tale is that a marinade of milk for a few hours makes the meat exceptionally tender and succulent.

A large variety of outstanding quality wild game from the countryside around the UK. Wonderful way to stay healthy and well fed. Bring variety to your cooking with delicious game. - FREE DELIVERY

  • Pigeon Breasts x8
  • Pheasant Breasts x4
  • Partridge Breasts x6
  • Game bruger 4oz x2
  • Venison & Pheasant Burgers 3oz x4
  • Grouse & Wild Boar Sausages 6 pack
  • Pheasant & Venison Sausages 6 pack
  • Marinated Garlic & Herb Pheasant breast x4
  • Marinated Chilli & Lemon Partridge breast x6
  • Wild Boar Steaks 2 Pack.

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Benefits of Game Meat:

1. Wild & Natural

2. Hormone Free

3. Low in fat & Cholesterol

4. Low carbon miles




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