Wild & Game Meat Box 1

Wild & Game Meat Box 1

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A delicious and healthy Wild Game Meat Box, perfect for your weekly cooking. Stay healthy and eat produced produced here in the UK.

  • Pigeon Breasts x8 
  • Pheasant Breasts x4
  • Partridge Breasts x6
  • Venison Mince 500g
  • Grouse & Boar Sausages x6
  • Venison & Pheasant Burgers 3oz x4
  • Pheasant & Venison Sausages x6
  • Game Burgers 4oz x2

Please note: Our products are dispatched frozen so our delivery driver can only make one delivery attempt

Benefits of Game Meat:

1. Wild & Natural

2. Hormone Free

3. Low in fat & Cholesterol

4. Low carbon miles



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