Harvest Bundle venison Box

Venison Taster for 2 Box

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  • 2 x prime steak cuts 200g each
  • 1 pack of our lean mince, 300g
  • 1 pack of our Venison, Lamb & Cheese burgers*
  • 1 x neck fillet, 300g –  suitable for roasting, slow cooking, stewing, currys or casserole.

*contain allergens dairy and mustard, if you would like these swapped just let us know! All our burgers and sausages are gluten free.

Slow cooked heaven: Slowly cook a piece of the neck or shoulder in a conventional oven at 150c for over 3 hours, you can also use the bottom oven of your AGA or a slow cooker. Simply remove, shred and add warm barbecue sauce for the ultimate pulled venison fajitas or paninis.



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