Cornish Breakfast Hamper

Traditional Cornish Breakfast Pork Hamper

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This hamper is a treat for a lazy Sunday brunch or perfect for weekends away.

Produced from traditionally raised Cornish pigs our products are lovingly hand made in small batches.

The hamper contains :

  • 250 gm unsmoked dry cured back bacon
  • 250 gm smoked dry cured bacon
  • 1kg Traditional pork sausages
  • 300 gm Cornish Hogs Pudding

Shelf life will be 30 days on any cured product and 7 days for sausages and hogs pudding. 


Bacon : pork, salt, sugar

Sausages : Pork (80%), water, RUSK ,raising agent, seasoning (Triphosphate), preservatives (SULPHITES),

dextrose, spices, antioxident ( ascorbic acid) , natural pork casings

Cornish hogs pudding : Pork (70%), bacon (4%), water, RUSK, seasoning, natural skin casings 

Allergy Advice:




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