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Champagne of Milk Kefir Bundle

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The ‘Champagne of Milk’ will be delivered directly to you once every three weeks. Receive 4 bottles of our finest Organic Kefir in this indulgently good subscription.
Step 1 - It’s easy! Place your order and the very next day we’ll pack and send you one of our 'Champagne of Milk' kefir bundles, surrounded in ice and wool from next door’s sheep farm to keep them lovely and cool.
Step 2 - Through the night, your kefir will make its way to your door - don't fret if you won't be home, we’ll find a safe place to leave it for you.
Step 3 - Enjoy our kefir, drinking just a shot each day for the rest of the month - we think it'll have you dancing around the kitchen and screaming hallelujah!
Step 4 - Then, in three weeks time when we drop off your fresh box of the good stuff, we’ll pick up all your empties and bring them back to the farm to be washed. All you have to do is leave them somewhere obvious for us to find them with the delivery label clearly on the top. 


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