Rosette salami 80g

Rosette salami 80g

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Three for £12 sliced 1-STAR GREAT TASTE AWARD 2019

Inspired by the famous Rosette de Lyon salami this salami is made with free-range Dorset pork seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic and a classic French blend of spices called Quatre Epices (ginger, white pepper, cloves, and mace).  It is similar to a Saucisson Sec, but the addition of the Quatre Epices gives it a sweeter and slightly more spicy flavour. Three packs of Rosette ready sliced, just serve and eat.

Perfect with a spicy red wine like a Syrah from the Rhone valley or a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The judges said of this product

The aroma is enticing - it almost smells like Christmas ham with cloves and nutmeg coming through but not too strongly.  On tasting the pork comes through wonderfully and although we had been worried the spices might be too strong, they are delicate and well balanced with just a tickle of ginger on the finish.  After eating the flavours keep on coming.  We think this has been very well and carefully made.



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