Rare Breed Pork Shoulder Boned & Rolled - Harvest Bundle

Pork Shoulder Boned & Rolled

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Perfect for slow roasting and pulled pork. Our Rare Breed Pork Shoulder is hung on the bone for 7 days to develop a deeper flavour. This also helps to dry out the skin which means you get fantastic crackling!

All of our pigs live in the great outdoors (weather permitting of course!) and are allowed to rummage and play as pigs naturally do.

It will be supplied scored and rolled unless requested otherwise.

Winner of 2 Gold Stars at both the 2013 and 2016 Great Taste Awards.

Priced per Kg - Please enter the number of Kgs you would like in the quantity box. 1 for 1kg, 2 for 2kg etc - max 4.

Can be but between 1kg and 4kg. We would recommend 225g per adult portion plus extra for sandwiches. 



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