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Middle White Suckling Pig

Middle White Suckling Pig

Richard Vaughan
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Middle White suckling pigs from the Huntsham herd are something rather special for summer – a wonderfully sweet, light  meat. Before the lockdown, we were supplying them to some of the finest restaurants in the country. Chris Harrod, whose Michelin-starred restaurant is near us, used to buy them from us week after week – he was twice awarded 10/10 by all four of the Great British Menu judges for his main course dish based on our Middle White suckling pig.

If you have a barbecue or spit roast, a Middle White suckling pig makes the perfect meal for a summer gathering in the garden. Our whole suckling pigs are around 10-12 kg which will make about 30 servings.

Because these pigs are too big for a domestic oven, we now also supply them butchered and oven-ready in manageable-sized joints. A whole suckling pig prepared in this way will weigh 7.5-8.5 kg (less than the barbecue pig because it is part boned) but will still serve about 30 people.

If you just want to sample this delicious meat, why not try a half suckling pig butchered and oven ready. It will weigh about 4.25 kg and serve about 15 people in total.

1. Half suckling pig fully butchered, oven-ready 

  • 1 shoulder joint 
  • 1 leg joint 
  • ½ saddle joint (loin and belly) boned and rolled
  • 1 kidney

2. Whole suckling pig fully butchered, oven-ready  

  • 2 shoulder joints
  • 2 leg joints  
  • A saddle joint (loin and belly) boned and rolled
  • 2 kidneys

3. Whole suckling pig, bone-in for spit-roasting 

The joints are small and will freeze perfectly. A shoulder joint will serve about 4, a leg joint about 6 and the whole saddle about 10 people.  


This is deliciously light meat, perfect for summer washed down with a glass of good rosé. All it needs is a crisp green salad and some tiny new potatoes, perhaps with a little apple sauce. 



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