Lamb Box - whole/half

Lamb Box - whole/half

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Lamb Shank ideal for braising or slow cooking​: ​1/2

Roasting leg of lamb (ideal for 4-5 people): 1/2

Lamb Rump Steaks: ​2/4

1 rack of lamb (Add a note upon ordering if you prefer the rack as individual chops!): ​1/2

Roasting shoulder of lamb – boned & rolled (ideal for 4-5 people): ​1/2

1 Lamb neck chop: ​1/2

Lamb mince: ​1kg​/2kgs

Lamb loin chops: ​8​/16

Half Weights: Inevitably vary but will be ~5-8Kg or 12-15kg in total.

Order week 1 for delivery week 2.




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