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1/2 - Middle White Pork

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Get excited for numerous delicious dinners with this pork bundle. With a good selection of cuts - enjoy the taste and the true difference in heritage pork at a great value.

The Middle White pig was the pork pig of England in the 1930s. However to compete with the influx of Danish bacon after the war, farmers started to breed larger, leaner pigs for bacon.

The Middle White, which is the only specialist pork pig, is very rare. You are unlikely to have eaten this fine pork before.

In the 1930s the Middle White was exported to Japan where the Emperor would only eat pork from Middle Whites. The Japanese have even erected a statue to this outstanding rare breed pig!

  • Shoulder - Two halves - approx 2.3kgs
  • Leg - Two halves - approx 3.8kgs
  • Chump fillet - Joint - approx 600grams
  • Loin - Half chops/ Half loin approx 2.2kgs
  • Liver   
  • Stock bones 
  • 12 packs of six sausages

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