Why Buy From Us

Do any of the following sound applicable to you?

  • I want to buy good, fresh produce online....
  • I am so frustrated at the quality of produce in the supermarkets! The chicken in all that plastic looks rank!
  • I work hard all week and want to eat well but I don't have the time to go traipsing around to find quality produce?
  • I want to buy direct from the farmer but I don't know how...
  • I care about British food and farming!
  • I don't know where my food comes from, I don't know how it is grown or produced, but I would like to!
  • You are what you eat....
  • I want to buy and connect to my local producers
  • I want to try a variety of different produce, species, cuts. I want to push my culinary horizons.



Know who you are buying from, know what you are buying, know how it was produced. 


Buying local increases local prosperity and benefits the community, reduce food miles. A rising tide lifts all boats....


Buying from farmers/fisherman/producers who are passionate about their produce and highly skilled at their work. These are Craftsmen/women at the top of their game! It is an art! Get excited about your order, as you are going to love eating this deliciously awesome food. It is banging! 


Buying direct that is delivered to your door (home or office). That’s right - save time and get it delivered.

Stock up - reduce waste

We have become very instant - we expect things instantly - this has led to wastefulness. Let's go back to stocking up, filling the larder. This allows the farmers to manage production and reduce waste. This will make the food cheaper for you in the long run!

Long supply chains has led to food being produced for long shelf lives, not here - benefit from fresh foods.

Market place 

Different farmers selling a variety of produce. Variety of breeds. 

Know where your food comes from, choose breed, farmer etc. Provenance again....

Crowd buy 

Place deposit for cuts of animal –This feature is COMING SOON (not live at this current time).


Great produce delivered to the door - connect with your grower, consistent and reliable

Get joy from premium produce - flavour/freshness. Enjoy learning about how great food is grown. Grass-fed, grain-fed, free-range, organic, etc.

Appreciate seasonality - price and taste.


Farming – it’s the biggest job in the world - meet these fantastic producers here in one place. 

When you buy on Harvest Bundle you are buying directly from the talented grower. They receive your order - harvest it and package it, then send it to you. In keeping with our delivery guide.

A directory of farms and their produce


Farmers Market




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