Trust & Standards

Your shopping experience is my priority.
Buying online, requires a lot of TRUST, especially on a marketplace. Harvest Bundle aims to deliver on TRUST, both from an emotion and logical standpoint. Trust is believing that the person who is trusted will do what is expected. It starts at the family and grows to others. Or that is what I think anyway!
  • Rating system - this maintains standards and gives you the social proof.
  • Curated marketplace - Harvest Bundle seeks and finds the most talented farmers out there who believe in producing better food in a better environment.
  • Secure payments - Harvest Bundle uses 3rd party payment portals to ensure maximum security over fund transfers.
  • Account protection - Harvest Bundle takes a number of measures to safeguard your Harvest Bundle account.
I am here if you need me – just send me a message.
Harvest Bundle – I want to create a real community founded on; Fairness, Provenance, Authenticity, Reliability, Transparency and Communication.
I encourage you to contact me if you are unhappy with something, knowledge is key for me to deliver on the promises.
As mentioned before, Harvest Bundle is on a journey and I want it to become THE place to shop that is desired so much, so I need your help - being loyal customers, giving feedback (good and bad), suggestions and improvements.
Enjoy the Harvest Bundle Experience :)


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