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We are THE marketplace for high quality produce from farms and fisheries around the UK.
Come join the food transparency movement, and taste the difference, because the difference tastes better. 

Place your order today from one of our amazing farmers, eagerly await the delivery and then cook up a storm.
I promise you, you will love eating the produce and will never look back!

*LUX Life - Most Pioneering Virtual Farmers' Market - UK
Award for Excellence in Artisanal Produce Advocating 2020*

*** Launched Autumn 2019***
***Over 50 Farmers registered on the platform***
***Over 1000 Customers***

Our mission is to build a better and more sustainable groceries industry for British Farmers and Fishermen as well as the consumer. We want to build an end to end marketplace on transparency - enabling farmers and fishermen to market and benefit from selling their produce to customers.

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We promote Britain’s unsung farmers, their stories, their passion and produce and provide them with the platform to sell their produce. We also want to make it ridiculously convenient for consumers to find, buy and enjoy these talented grower's produce.

We search the country looking for the most exciting farmers/growers producing incredible food. We promote real food, ethical and sustainable production. Food grown with Passion and Care.  

If we can help nullify the highly intensive and price driven monster that is destroying the world, by even the smallest amount, then we are someway to where we want to be.

When you buy on Harvest Bundle you are buying directly from the talented grower. They receive your order - harvest it and package it, then send it to you. In keeping with our delivery guide.
We are continually growing our farmer sellers list - bringing you access to more epic produce.

Ben White-Hamilton. Son of a Chef and a Farmer, I grew up between shearing and sautéing. Nature, the great outdoors, good food and plenty of exercise is what makes me tick. Favourite quote is Steve Job’s “Stay Hungry, Stay foolish”.
Agri degree, various farming & commodity roles -
I saw how the Big Retail has been screwing the farmer and disconnecting the consumer from how their food is produced.

I couldn't sit there and ignore the problem any longer.
Farmers have been pushed hard on price with big consequences for our diets and our environment.
Producers who have fought against this "quantity & price trend" and who insist on quality instead....... are under appreciated and have found it hard finding you, the customers who do respect them.
In turn, you, the customers, have struggled finding the quality farmers, co-ordinating payment and getting the produce delivered to your door.
Not anymore!
I set out with a vision to assist farm businesses to grow and protect their businesses.
At Harvest Bundle, we are passionate about providing a convenient, reliable, professional marketplace for both the grower/producer and the customer. Those farms & fisheries who won't compromise on quality have been mistreated and disrespected for too long!
We showcase their fantastic businesses and help sell their great produce fairly - to conscientious shoppers and foodies.
We direct you to small, independent farmers with the greatest possible level of transparency available. And we’re committed to selling it for a fair price so you can explore and enjoy the very best produce that fits into your budget, while supporting the farmers who bring it to you. 

Say goodbye to mystery Food

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