Huntsham Luxury BBQ Box

Luxury BBQ Box - Huntsham

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Some of our most favoured cuts butchered ready for barbecuing. 

  • 1 bone fore rib sliced down its length will produce two magnificent Longhorn steaks, each feeding 2-3 people and perfect for the barbecue. Approx 1.5kg

  • 4 Longhorn sirloin steaks on the bone also show off the very special taste of these ancient traditional cattle – the breed that first made England famous for its beef. Approx 1.13kg

  • 8 of our Longhorn burgers (if you prefer to make your own, we will supply the equivalent amount of our special burger mince). Approx 0.96kg

  • 3 packs of our much-praised Middle White sausages.  Approx 1kg

  • 8 of our Middle White loin steaks beautifully butchered by our master butcher, Jim/ Approx 1kg

  • 1 kilo of pork belly strips and you have a whole series of delicious feasts to enjoy in the spring sunshine.  Approx 1kg




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