Free Range Chicken Fillets - Pack of 2 (500g) - Harvest Bundle
Chicken Fillets - Pack of 2 (500g)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chicken Fillets - Pack of 2 (500g)

Chicken Fillets - Pack of 2 (500g)

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Get tender, nutrient-rich chicken breasts. Versatile and great for poaching, grilling, or barbecuing, it's a quick way to put a smile on your face.

Packington Free Range Chicken Fillet. – Pack of 2

We know that rearing a great tasting free range chicken takes time, care and attention, which is why we can say with conviction that our birds taste how chicken used to taste; full of flavour.

Our chicks arrive on the farm in small groups, at just one day old. They are housed in special sheds that have plenty of warm bedding, heating and good ventilation. As the birds grow, the heater is turned down to ensure they become strong and able to adjust to the weather conditions outside. At about three weeks old once the birds are strong enough, the shed doors are opened and the birds are free to roam on the range to theirs hearts content. But in the evening, they are bought back into safety to protect them from night time predators, such as foxes.

All Packington Free Range chickens roam free on established English pasture, consisting of carious grasses and clovers, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade, food and water. It is an idyllic setting and once which every Packington Free Range bird experience’s in its lifetime.

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