British Honeys for Breakfast gift set
Harvest Bundle Honey
British Honeys for Breakfast gift set
British Honeys for Breakfast gift set
British Honeys for Breakfast gift set

British Honeys for Breakfast gift set

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Our British Honeys for Breakfast gift set is the perfect honey gift for those who love a special breakfast, as well as being a fantastic way to indulge in British honey straight from small scale independent beekeepers around the UK.

The British Honeys for Breakfast gift set is made up of three different honeys, each carefully chosen for its own unique characteristics that make it a perfect pairing for either toast, tea or porridge. For toast we choose honeys that have a good strong and long-lasting flavour, so that you can really taste them coming through.  As a natural sweetener or soothing hot drink we choose a gentler, sweeter honey, and to be ‘Good in porridge’ we choose a honey that has a more complex flavour profile so that it doesn’t get ‘lost’ in the porridge.

To be chosen as a honey that’s either good on toast, in porridge or tea they have to be so much more than ‘normal honey’: our British Honeys for Breakfast gift set really will transform breakfast!

They will come by Royal Mail in one of our attractive gift boxes, no plastic – treading lightly on the planet matters. Each honey has where the hives are kept, the name of the beekeeper and the honey’s main natural flavour note written on the label. We also pop in the stories of the beekeepers for you!

All of our honeys are completely unique in flavour, beautifully (and sustainably) packaged and make excellent gift ideas for anyone special in your life, or just as a well-deserved gift for you.

Contains 3 x 224g (8 oz) jars of raw British honey

Raw British honey

We only have the best high-quality British honeys and know the fields and hedgerows that have made every one of them. By working in partnership with our community of beekeepers we can bring their local honeys to market so that more of us can eat sustainably and healthily. You’ll be discovering honey straight from the bees just as the beekeeper can because all our beekeepers have done is simply spun the honey out of the frame and run it through a sieve - nothing else - so it’s as close to what the beekeeper tastes when they spoon a little taster out from the hive as a special treat! 

Our small-scale beekeepers

All our beekeepers care deeply about the landscape their bees inhabit. To help their bees they bring ancient woodlands back to life, work with landowners and developers to bring in bee-friendly practices, plant meadows, and tend to gardens keeping them full of pollinator friendly plants.

We visit all our beekeepers to see where the honeys come from and to make sure that we only work with beekeepers who prioritise their bees’ welfare over maximising honey production: all our beekeepers only take honey when their bees have more than enough to keep themselves fed through winter.

Help British beekeepers

All of our beekeepers are great advocates and custodians of our natural world, and our mission is to help them and their bees to survive and thrive. And then we will too!



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