Honey that’s Good on Toast
Local Honey for Toast - Harvest Bundle
Honey that’s Good on Toast

Honey that’s Good on Toast

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We’ve selected this honey to be our ‘Good on Toast’ honey as it’s natural flavours and texture are just perfect for spreading on toast.  To be a good pairing with toast we choose honeys that have good, strong and long lasting flavour notes, so that you can really taste them coming through. To be chosen as a honey that’s Good on Toast’ it has to be so much more than ‘normal honey’!

All of our honeys come straight from a small scale British beekeeper and their apiary; and not only do we write this on the jar, but we tell you the story of the beekeeper too so you can discover more about British beekeepers and our amazing bee population.

All of our honeys are completely unique in flavour, beautifully (and sustainably) packaged and make excellent gift ideas for anyone special in your life, or just as a well-deserved gift for you.





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