Selection of Lyburn Cheese

Selection of Lyburn Cheese

Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers
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Lyburn Gold is ripened for about 8- 12 weeks, and has a creamy smooth texture with very small holes, eyes, to be seen evenly distributed throughout. In terms of a make, it is a washed curd cheese, more continental, closer to a Gouda, but not typical. Technically it is a hard cheese because it has been pressed, it is generally described as semi-hard because at 10 weeks it still has some movement in it, great for melting.

Garlic and Nettle is made to the same recipe as the Lyburn Gold, but it is not matured for quite so long. As the name suggests, there is a hint of garlic and onion, and the other ingredients are chives, parsley, paprika, ginger, and horseradish, the nettle giving the cheese a touch of colour, that can be quite clearly seen. The garlic has however, not been included to such a level that it is too overpowering.

Old Winchester is now 18 months and an older version of Winchester, on a previous page. This is now a much dryer harder and crystalline cheese, becoming more reminiscent of an old gouda with a distinctive nuttiness in flavour, however it is a product of evolution and need. Because Old Winchester is made with a vegetarian rennet, on a number of occasions the cheese is being sold, and used as a vegetarian replacement for a hard, Italian cheese, and yet can still be used as a table cheese.

The Lyburn Lightly Oak Smoked cheese, is based on the Lyburn Gold, still a washed curd cheese but the eyes are not so prominent and is smoother, to give a light and delicate flavour. For those that enjoy a heavily smoked cheese, this may not suit. During the maturation process the rind goes a glorious caramel colour and can’t be mistaken for any other.  

250g of each four cheeses



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