Brinkworth Blue

Brinkworth Blue

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Brinkworth Blue cheese is made on the farm by Ceri Cryer. Ceri is the 5th generation cheesemaker at Brinkworth Dairy. Brinkworth Dairy makes 60kg of Brinkworth Blue per week.

Brinkworth Blue is similar to a stilton type of cheese in that it is a hard blue. The cheese ripens for 2 months. It is turned every week and pierced in the first 2 weeks of its life.

It is creamy, sweet and nutty. Some describe it as having a chestnut honey flavour. The earthy brown mushroomy crust is fairly thick. The paste is golden and milk white. The veining is blue green. The whole cheese is 4kg.  Smaller waxed paper wrapped portions are also available for purchase.


Brinkworth Blue is creeping up higher in the award tables every year.

2014        Bronze at the British Cheese Awards        

2015        Silver at the British Cheese Awards        

2016        Gold at the Taste of the West Cheese  

2016        Best Cheese Finalist at the Taste of the West   

2019        Gold at the South West Cheese Awards, Best Blue cheese

History and herd

Brinkworth Blue is named after our village and also our cows. We have the oldest pedigree Friesian herd in the country – the Brinkworth Pedigree Friesian herd.

The family has farmed at Hill End Farm since 1910 when William Collingborn established our pedigree friesian herd.

Our cows graze on the traditional lush pastures of the Dauntsey Vale for 240 days of the year. The herd is relatively small which means the cows are not stressed. Of particular note are the herds’ characteristics of having great longevity and excellent foot conformation.



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