Where and How to Buy Free Range Pork

First let's start with the term Free Range.

The truth is, there are no specific legal requirements that define "free Range", odd isn't it.

But we believe it is pigs that are born and reared on outdoor farms throughout their lives, with permanent access to pasture.

Rare breed is the next topic we should deal with before we get going. Why rare breed? Well, in simple terms it's a reference to the fact that most pork production moved to the continental breeds 59 years ago, that grow quicker and bigger which was beneficial for bacon production.

My personal favourite is Middle White Pork, Richard Vaughan is very good at producing his middle white pork for Michelin star chefs and private customers too.

As you can imagine the taste and quality is lower, so its a nod to the fact that the older breeds (not necessarily rare) taste better. They are not necessarily rare like wild animals, but more the fact that not many are grown because commercially it didn't make sense. This was in a time, when price dictated what people bought and thus it was a race to the bottom of prices. 

However the consumer now is keen to pay a fair price for quality in taste but also in the animals actual life and environment. When you have consumers demand follows, hence the rise in "rare breed production". 

A quick one on price, I dislike it when people say free range is expensive, no its not. Its peoples perception of value is wrong. Its not expensive when you factor in health costs, environmental costs etc etc. People are willing to pay a fair price if it is marketed correctly. More on this another time perhaps.

So where can you buy free range pork - somewhere where you can trust. Simple. 

Places like a farmers market, where you can actually meet the farmer, an actual farm shop (not just labelled a farm shop for the sake of it), you can get it in butchers or supermarkets - but there is a lack of transparency, so make sure you really know the people running them and if in doubt ask for more information, because if they are truthful they will tell you all you want to know.

There are some great online businesses, not just our online farmers market - Harvest Bundle, but others where they focus on provenance and sustainability. 

We have RedHill Farm, Primrose Herd, Todenham manor etc etc where you can learn about they farming techniques and about their farm.

Free Range Pork is readily available but its important to buy from those you can trust and be sure to always ask questions.

It really is better for you, not just for your conscience but also the taste, its far superior and well worth the money.

Please do contact me if you would lime to know more.




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