Support Small - why should we?

Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.

These are establishments that are often the character of a neighbourhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and those that work in independent business frequently go beyond just purchases — it becomes familial

Most independent businesses are run by people - not by boards, not by stockholders, not by algorithms. And so you get a different kind of care and quality in their product because their work is a reflection of themselves. Instead of focusing on the next market they’re expanding into or the next round of funding they’re raising, they’re focusing on the details and being the best they can be.

Independent business bring originality and variety in a world that’s becoming increasingly homogenised. Support each other. Why do you need a reason to do that besides the fact that it’s the right thing to do.
Independent businesses are where innovation happens - it’s where things move forward. Independent businesses feel like home.
Small businesses provide the feeling that a real person is behind it all, someone who cares more about giving us a quality product or service, over just taking our hard earned dollars

You’re helping real people - who you may know personally - do what they do better.
Small businesses are the bedrock of entrepreneurship.

You get to be a contributor to the realisation of someone else’s dream!

There’s something special about knowing that someone created this thing to uplift other people in the community.
It’s important to support people who put their heart, soul, and last dollar into something they believe in.

It’s important to support people who put their heart, soul, and last dollar into something they believe in.

If people in your neighbourhood are working hard to make something great happen, you choosing to buy a coffee at their shop instead of Starbucks- it’s directly helping them achieve their dreams. All of that gets paid back to the community and strengthens it, it’s a reciprocal energy.

So how can we support small businesses?

Online and offline. If you can go to your local farmshop or green grocer. If you find you don't have time, Harvest Bundle is here for you.

Plan ahead and buy from our excellent small artisanal farmers and producers.
If you find you don’t have space in your fridge or freezer, you can always buy a gift card as a present for someone else you you think will love the great produce on Harvest Bundle.

If you have bought via Harvest Bundle, then you can leave a good review, either on trustpilot or send us a message.
Avoid refunds and postpone instead of cancelling.

Spread the word, tell you network about all the wonderful farmers on Harvest Bundle.

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