Lockdown has been a huge eye opener into pollution

Surely we can finally let the farmers off the hook. (the people that carried on feeding the nation whilst everyone hid behind closed doors).

Virtually nowhere is it possible to have an open, constructive debate about the pros and cons of any given issue.

Reason has been replaced by insult, intellect by raw emotion, curiosity by preconception.

Narrow sets of agendas now dominate public discourse, and in almost every instance the outcome has already been decided.

We are living in the court of Alice In Wonderland’s Queen: Sentence first, verdict afterwards.

The sheer ignorance that seems to underpin the views of some activists.

In particular, the notion that all meat eaters need to apologise for their very existence.

To assume so — as many appear to — is as wrongheaded as the assumption that a meat eater is cruel, greedy, obnoxious and ignorant. It is simply not true.

Just as it is not true that the vegans are all hippies or scum.

Some may well be — there are bad eggs in every walk of life.

And yet those who’ve tried to make the point for eating meat, who have tried to calm the fervour of the baying vegans, have been turned upon.

The truth doesn’t matter, because the truth doesn’t interest the self-righteous social warriors invading our streets.

All they care about is reinforcing their view of the world as they see it, not as it really is.

This idea that such misconceptions have not only taken hold — but to push back against them is not only futile, it is also dangerous.

Because, in the current climate of meat-eating intolerance, to disagree is almost impossible.

Any deviation from the narrative of extreme environmentalists, of ‘woke’ revisionism, is interpreted as a thought crime, a perversion, and shut down accordingly.

It has been a very long time since freedom of thought felt so fragile — or so risky. As to a situation of such intolerance supposedly arising from a desire for more tolerance — well, the irony hardly needs explaining. 

And so, by necessity, and because — let’s face it — it’s very hard and very frightening to stand up to the mob, people capitulate. 

The politicians take the path of least resistance, playing to the gallery and promising all.

Celebrities indulge in empty virtue-signalling, deluding themselves they are using their influence to ‘make a difference’ when all they are doing is pandering to their own desires to be liked by a generation of overgrown toddlers who refuse to listen to reason.

The world has, at innumerable points in history, been a savage and cruel place. For some — all too many — it still is. 

But you cannot and should not brainwash the masses with unfounded opinions and made up statistics, however much elements of it may repulse you.

Nature and the environment are deeply complex and some jumped up vegan who grew up in the concrete jungle cannot condescend farmers and dismiss their knowledge. In all walks of life there is a balance, just because you don’t see things like badgers in the cities does not mean they are endangered. Just because you watched some biased and one-sided documentary on cows farting does not mean you can go and sentence farmers and meat eaters with the death penalty.

Farmers have probably isolated better than anyone. Social media is full of posts thanking them for keeping going, and a few talking about the difference in air pollution before this pandemic and now. There is a clear difference between polluting emissions this year versus last year. The one thing that hasn’t changed is - farming! I am sure they are farting just as much as normal! We are now talking about inadvertently conducting the largest-scale experiment ever seen. Agriculture is key to this experiment, as it has largely been completely unchanged! When this pandemic is over, we need this data on air pollution to demonstrate to anyone criticising agriculture to look elsewhere. It’s about having a strong argument with real life data rather than opinions.

Those judging the countryside stewards from their tower blocks, refuse to acknowledge that there is a movement called regenerative agriculture (building carbon content in the soil), they would do well to learn more about farming and the countryside.

 An avocado or almond milk from some far-off land over a beetroot or cow’s milk from a farm close to you in the UK.

The Irony.

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