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Farming standards in the UK are top of the class for animal welfare and sustainability. Despite this, we are still at risk of low quality food imports in future trade deals, way below what is expected of our British farmers. The National Farmers Union, have started a petition calling for a ban on cheap imports of low-welfare meat. Our Farmers, are at risk of being undercut by cheaper low-welfare imports. Let us back our farmers. Head to link in our bio if you want to show your support.

The NFU have a petition running, that demands all food imports are produced to the same standards as the UK in the event of any post-Brexit trade deal. There are fears that the government is prepared to abandon British Food production methods in order to secure a lucrative trade agreement with the US.

Lower-standard food products that are permitted in the United States include chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef.

The NFU has been running a social media campaign to maximise the reach of the petition to deter the government from giving the green light to such imports. Jamie Oliver has also got behind the petition. 

NFU President Minette Batters said the British farming industry was at its 'eleventh hour'.

"Winning this battle in the court of public opinion is where this now lies," she said, adding that she 'applauded' the work Jamie Oliver had done.

“It’s been really powerful what he’s done on social media and we plan on keeping this momentum going."

Mrs Batters added: "We are talking right across NGOs, farming organisations and with consumers to make this case.

"We are pulling on every lever on behalf of farmers to land this message and pave the way for a future that is about achieving carbon neutral food by 2040.”

If you believe in protecting the British Farmer, then head to the NFU farming website, or find it on our instagram page and sign the petition. It takes two seconds and will be greatly appreciated.

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