Essential items for a bbq this summer... BBQ Checklist - Stay Positive

We might be confined to our homes at the minute, that though, does not stop you having a bbq in the garden, or at least planning a bbq when the lockdown lifts.

Whether it’s a birthday, bank holiday, holiday in the UK or just a weekend or weeknight bbq with your family (or even just because the British sun is out).

Of course, you want your BBQ to be the best. But without getting the basics right, you’re not going to reach the heights of BBQ legend that you’d like to.

But BBQs are about far more than the food you’re going to cook. It’s about how you cook it, what you use, and how you deal with everything else. So check out this basic BBQ shopping list and tips to get things to heat up the end of your summer properly.

BBQ Food - Grass Fed, Free-Range, Wild, Ethical, Provenance, Great Quality, taste and Flavour - buy the best. Get it Delivered and order direct from the farm.

  • Pork Sausages – You can’t overlook the quality of a sausage. If you want to have the best bbq, you need the finest sausages - Richard Vaughan, Primrose Herd, Todenham Manor – something quirkier – Venison sausages from Holme Farmed Venison. Mind blowing.
  • Burgers – Todenham Manor Farm, or buy some delicious mince from Richard Vaughan and make your own.
  • Chicken – Sutton Hoo – they even sell chicken burgers and sausages.
  • Lamb – Lavinton Lamb also sell their own sausages and burgers, Ingram Valley, Todenham Manor Farm. Butterflied lamb or chops or lamb burgers if you want to cook some great tasting bbq lamb, try these farmers listed on Harvest Bundle marketplace.

Huntsham Court Farm - Pork SausagesYou obviously need some vegetables and salad fresh from the farms etc, we haven’t quite go these for you yet, but hopefully your local village shop can help you out.

All that food: delicious 

But buying it was only half the battle. Now you have to cook it.


Making sure you have enough charcoal is a no brainer, unless you’re cooking on gas. Lumpwood charcoal is generally considered better to grill with than charcoal briquettes as they add a smokier and more natural flavour to the food. Self-lighting briquettes might sound convenient but you you risk adding chemical flavours and fumes to your food from the chemicals used to make them easier to light.


Matches/Gas lighter will do the job of firing it up.

One thing you should absolutely avoid putting on your BBQ shopping list is BBQ lighter fluid. This tends to create high flames for a few seconds but usually fails to light the coals first time around meaning you’ll have to add more and more. What’s worse is that too much lighter fluid can also leave a chemical taste to your food. Lighting blocks are more reliable, but you still risk them leaving that nasty taste.

The best way to light your BBQ is to invest in a charcoal starter chimney. Webber do a great one. Which you get free with a bbq purchase. 

Wait until the Coals are Covered with Grey Ash

Grey coals are the best because they maintain a steady temperature, meaning no sudden heat-spikes leading to uneven cooking

This will usually take about 15 minutes. which will feel like a long time when standing at the BBQ waiting for them to turn grey.

Vary The Temperature of Your Grill

It’s tempting to spread all the charcoal evenly around the entire grill. This means it’s nice and hot everywhere. But you can cook smarter by doing things differently.

Split your BBQ in half and put more coals on one side, and fewer, or none, on the other. You can even put less or no coals down the centre 

Recommended Drink

    • Blonde Brothers beer
    • Rose - Chinon rose 2019 from the Loire is a great wine for a BBQ
    • Classic Rose region still is the Provence, classic corally light coloured Rose’s, the Cotes du Provence from Domaine Ste Magdeleine is as classic as can be and offers great value too for the wine. Clos Sainte Magdeleine Rosé 2018Then the piece de resistance! Can be bought from the Yapp Brothers Wine Merchants

Let the meat rest!

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