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The UKs new Ag Bill has been called “one of the most significant pieces of legislation for farmers in England for over 70 years”. 

One of the big priorities of the bill is soil. Erosion rates from ploughed fields are between ten and 100 times greater than rates of soil formation. As a result, the UK faces a crisis of food security within our lifetimes. The government will reward farmers who protect and improve soil quality with measures like crop rotation…..

I have been tracking for some time   a group of Farmers in America who call themselves the

Carbon Cowboys 

If you don’t want to read – then watch this video:

The Video below explains it better than I could ever, well worth the 12mins. Interesting, informative and provides hope!

Carbon Cowboys Video:



The carbon cycle is a fundamental part of life on earth. ‘Soil organic carbon’ (SOC) – the amount of carbon stored in the soil is a component of soil organic matter – plant and animal materials in the soil that are in various stages of decay.

Soil organic carbon is the basis of soil fertility. It releases nutrients for plant growth, promotes the structure, biological and physical health of soil, and is a buffer against harmful substances.

 Increasing soil organic carbon has two benefits – as well as helping to mitigate climate change, it improves soil health and fertility. Many management practices that increase soil organic carbon also improve crop and pasture yields.

 If more carbon is stored in the soil as organic carbon, it will reduce the amount present in the atmosphere, and help reduce global warming. The process of storing carbon in soil is called ‘soil carbon sequestration’. 



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