Be proud of how your food has been produced

As you know, we at Harvest Bundle challenge the status quo, we encourage and promote regenerative agriculture. Harvest Bundle's values:

Quality, Taste, Sustainability, Ethical, Provenance

Our customers are joining in on a new way of doing things and they are making a difference.

The UK food system is broken, we as consumers are so distant from our food, we are ignorant to the hidden costs of cheap food. Who is to blame?

I don't know, but it is a combination of factors of how the economy has developed in the last 50 years. Greed and excess have been at the centre of it all. It is fascinating to see how society is changing though, the plastic bag movement - we are changing for the better. As can be seen when you see people juggling their apples and carrots, refusing a ghastly plastic bag.

I used to buy chicken from the supermarket and not think much of it. However if one is to just think for a moment - where has this come from, a whole load of emotions and uncertainty come flooding in. It puts a bad taste in your mouth before you even eat it.

The thought that the chicken may not have ever moved beyond a square foot of real estate, does make one question their action's and integrity.

The power of the mind is incredible and when you start to ask the question of why, you notice your decision making starts to change.

Give and you shall receive. If you give a better life, you shall receive a better life.

Farming often gets the bad credits. But it's not the farmers fault, would the farmers produce food as cheaply as possible if there was no demand?

The consumer has unknowingly demanded food that has hundreds and thousands of air miles attached. Food that has environmental and ecological disasters attached. If we understood more about how our food was produced, I wonder if it would affect our decisions more?

If we as society ask the question of how? I think it will speed up the food transparency movement and we can start to mend the scars of our past.

We are revolutionising the connection between you and your food, taste the difference and be comfortable in the knowledge of knowing how your food was produced.

I might be alone in my thinking, but I love Turkey at Christmas, perhaps its because its not in my diet often, but perhaps its also down to the fact I am proud that it has had a good life before it ended up on my plate (and it has been expertly cooked obviously)


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