An update on Harvest Bundle and our marketplace - 2020

So! it has been an awesome journey thus far.

To recap, we launched in the autumn of 2019, we have now been trading for circa 9 months and we have lots of happy customers and farmers.

Christmas was our first real foray into getting fantastic free range produce to our foodie customers. Harry Street produced some unbelievably delicious Bronze turkeys. They went down an absolute treat. He is doing them again this year and they will be available to order from the beginning of September. So get your orders in early to avoid missing out.

We then saw some returning customers who started to try out lots of our farmers yummy produce.

Then bang!

Things really took off, our marketing plan of attack started to bring home the bacon, it also coincided with lockdown. At a time when the supermarkets and the more conventional ways of buying food dried up and stopped taking online orders, Harvest Bundle was there.

We saw a huge increase in traffic and orders. Our farmers were absolutely rushed off their feet and did an amazing job of getting produce to you all. This was a particularly uncertain time for our farmers as many of them were supplying this countries top restaurant and thus lost a lot of trade. All you great customers were very conscientious and supportive and we (and our farmers) are really proud to have you in our tribe!

We have tripled our farmer base over the past 6 months and now have a really great array of produce direct from the farm.

We are still not the finished article and are some way off getting all our nations delicious produce to you, but we are really proud of the farmers and customers we have on the marketplace.

We are looking to bring you more great produce as well as keeping you better informed about your orders.

2020 has been a very strange year, that none of us have ever experienced before. Times are still uncertain and worrying for many of our farmers as the food service trade still has not found its feet again.

We do need you all to keep up your great loyalty and continue supporting our farmers. You must be really enjoying the food so please do keep treating yourself. If you look after your body and health they will look after you! Eat well, live better!

The final quarter of 2020 is looking really exciting and we cant wait to carry on brining you some more exquisite food!

Please do give your feedback, we want to get better at everything!

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