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  • Lockdown has been a huge eye opener into pollution

    Surely we can finally let the farmers off the hook. (the people that carried on feeding the nation whilst everyone hid behind closed doors).
  • Food Standards Petition

    Farming standards in the UK are top of the class for animal welfare and sustainability. Despite this, we are still at risk of low quality food imports in future trade deals, way below what is expected of our British farmers. The National Farmers Union, have started a petition calling for a ban on cheap imports of low-welfare meat. Our Farmers, are at risk of being undercut by cheaper low-welfare imports. Let us back our farmers. Head to link in our bio if you want to show your support.
  • Delicious Summer Salad Ideas

    At your next outdoor party this summer, you're likely to be on the lookout for some tasty side dishes to go along with your favourite grilling recipes.
  • How & Why to Buy Local Produce

    Taste Real Flavours, Enjoy the Seasons, Support Family Farmers, Look after the Environment, You can't buy health, Variety - the spice of life, Promote Humane Treatment of Animals, Know where your Food Comes From, Recipes, Connect with your community!
  • Benefits of Eating Grass Fed Beef

    Know where our food comes from - Grass Fed Beef.
  • Essential items for a bbq this summer... BBQ Checklist - Stay Positive

    Make sure you have the right ingredients for your BBQ's this summer
  • Business in Focus: Harvest Bundle

     As Featured on The Countryside Alliance on 14th April 2020.

  • Free Range Chicken

    Free Range Chicken 

    Don't fall into the trap of buying cheap chicken

  • Jenks & Co - Publish an article on Harvest Bundle

    Ben White-Hamilton Ben is the son of a chef and a farmer - when growing up he spent half his time shearing and the other half sautéing. He h...
  • Lent | The Season of Reflection & Preparation!

    Are you happy with what you have achieved recently? Or are you preparing for a challenge or even getting ready for your swimming costume (could be...
  • Carbon Cowboys


  • Shopping tips to keep you on track

    Rule number one - Stay Focused!



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